Beat It, Beto

Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you the whitest man in America has dropped out of the 2020 presidential race. Robert Francis O’Rourke has suspended his pathetic campaign, which means all our guns are safe… for the moment.

Former Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke announced Friday that he was ending his presidential campaign. The former Texas senate candidate was initially considered a front-runner for his party’s presidential nomination, but saw his one-promising poll numbers quickly evaporate.

“Our campaign has been about seeing clearly, speaking honestly and acting decisively in the best interests of America,” O’Rourke wrote in a Medium post. “Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully. My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee.”

To be completely honest, I am surprised he stayed in the race this long. The man is pretty far to the left of Bernie Sanders, and openly claimed he would send law enforcement door-to-door to confiscate Americans’ guns. Even in 2019 America, that’s a bridge too far.

After losing to Ted Cruz, then going nowhere in a presidential primary, I’d like to think this is his last foray into politics… but I know better.

Democrats Are Coming For Your Guns

Soy-based, effeminate former Texas representative Robert “Beto” O’Rourke doubled down on his promise to confiscate “weapons of war” yesterday, telling Chuck Todd he’ll grab them.

Beto O’Rourke appeared Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with host Chuck Todd and continued to push for a so-called assault weapons buy-back program, insisting that the “instruments of terror” need to be taken off of the streets.

The former Democratic Texas congressman explained his reasoning for advocating for both an assault weapons ban and a buy-back program saying, “I could no longer accept that that would be enough because there’s still more than 10 million assault weapons, weapons of war out on the street. And if we agree that they’re dangerous to sell and we should stop selling them, then we also have to agree that these are instruments of terror that are still out there and have to be brought back home or they are going to be used against us.”

The fact this “man” was elected in Texas is very distressing to me. The bright side is Beto’s – the the rest of the Democratic Party’s – rhetoric is pushing moderate Democrats and classic liberals away from the ideology. The party has swung far too left for most people, and that may help the president’s reelection.

Rich White Pol Decries White Supremacy

Democratic presidential hopeful Robert Francis O’Rourke spoke in Tennessee this weekend, and claimed America was founded upon white supremacy. I assume O’Rourke believes this is a positive, since his lily white Irish-American ass has led a pretty easy life.

Former Democratic Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke levied some harsh criticism towards the country he is seeking to lead.

During a campaign stop in Nashville, Tennessee, the 2020 presidential candidate told a group of immigrants and refugees that America was founded on white supremacy and that the country remains institutionally racist today.

Who can forget those racist, white Pilgrims who sailed to America searching for freedom of religion white supremacy?

“This country was founded on white supremacy,” O’Rourke said. “Every single institution and structure that we have in this country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression even in our democracy.”

So Democrat politicians are now spouting talking points borrowed from American-hating soccer player Megan Rapinoe. Good to know. Honestly Texas, how did this moron almost beat Ted Cruz?

Yes, slavery existed, and it was a despicable mark on America’s history. We can dwell upon that, and pretend history ended in 1861, or we can remember the nearly 400,000 – mostly white – men who gave their lives fighting to end the scourge.

Funny how these leftists always bring up slavery, but never bother to acknowledge the 2.2 million Union soldiers who fought to eradicate it.

Master Beto Strikes Again

Beto O’Rourke, the miserable failure of a Senate candidate, is running for president in 2020. One hopes his campaign will regale us with his disgusting poems, or child murdering fantasies.

Beto O’Rourke’s recently unearthed membership in the hacking group “Cult of the Dead Cow” may not have included the “edgiest sorts of hacking activity,” but it did, apparently, include writing murder fantasies and exceptionally bad poetry.

Writing under the now-exposed pseudonym “Psychedelic Warlord,” a teen-aged O’Rourke appears to be the author of a poem titled “The Song of the Cow,” published in 1988 by “cDc (Cult of the Dead Cow) communications.”

O’Rourke, who launched his 2020 presidential campaign Thursday, also reportedly wrote several disturbing pieces under the “Psychedelic Warlord” pseudo, including one in which the narrator fantasized about using his vehicle to run over children.

You can read the poem at the link. I’m not dignifying it by posting it here. Suffice to say, the internet is forever, but Beto’s candidacy is temporary.

The Texas Beto Massacre

Congratulations, Texas; despite a challenge from leftist jackass Master Beto O’Rourke, Ted Cruz is still your senator. Thank. Christ.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz fended off progressive sweetheart and Democratic challenger Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke on Tuesday by winning re-election to retain his seat as junior U.S. senator to the state of Texas.

Cruz and O’Rourke have been in a closely watched race since the El Paso congressman gained national attention after a video of him applauding NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem went viral, lavishing praise from the Hollywood elite and springboarding him onto the television circuit.

Regardless, Cruz has maintained a steady, albeit tightening, lead throughout the duration of their campaigns.

I sent an email to TXNick last night promising if Cruz lost, Kyle would not be attending the University of Dallas. I guess I can allow him to go there now.

Texas was not the only good news last night, as the GOP added seats in the Senate, and warts like Joe Donnelly, Heidi Heitkamp, Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson went down in flames. That said, the GOP lost the House of Representatives, and Nancy Pelosi will regain power.

One poll reported 50% of voters believed the country is going in the wrong direction. I mean, a booming economy and lower taxes used to be signs of success, but I guess those goalposts were moved.

So, we’re stuck with Democrat obstruction, impeachment hearings, and never-ending frivolous investigations. If you’re looking for someone to blame, look no further than our NeverTrump media friends. Scumbags like Jonah Goldberg, David French, Bill Kristol, Ben Shapiro, etc., etc.

Caption Contest Winners

The Beto Male Caption Contest Caption Contest is now over.

Top Three Entries:
3. “Don’t worry, Beto… We’ll take down that Yankee flag of oppression and put up the Mexican flag instead!” – TXNick
2. “Senor Beto. Texas is 150 kilometers that way…..North of the Rio Grande River!” – Dalek

WINNER! – “Whatever happens out there, promise me you won’t run away like you did from the DWI accident!” – Ronni