The FBI Is A Garbage Department

A recently retired FBI agent decided to continue his career of incompetence by claiming a Texas woman was on probation, and bilked her out of thousands of dollars. A corrupt FBI agent? Who knew?

For several years, a woman in Granbury was convinced she was on secret probation, and that she had to cover the expenses of a federal law enforcement officer and his partner while they supervised her. There was no “secret probation,” but the Granbury woman, identified only as C.T., ended up paying the supposed officer and his partner more than $700,000.

William Roy Stone Jr., the man C.T. allegedly was paying all those years, was indicted in May on several counts of fraud, one count of false impersonation of a federal officer, and several other charges.

I assume this prick will get probation, because of his stellar career as an FBI agent.

The alleged scheme wasn’t built completely on lies, though. Stone was, after all, a recently retired FBI agent.

All the trips to Austin to discuss C.T.’s probation weren’t free. C.T. would have to reimburse him for those, Stone said. He also told C.T. she needed to cough up some money for restitution fees to be paid to a wronged company as the result of her drug crimes. Stone secretly deposited the money into his own bank account, the feds claim. Later, he’d persuade her to hand over large sums of money, which he used to buy cars and a house.

People like Stone, Jr. should be tried, convicted, and sent to prison for life. The DOJ is always front and center when a police officer is arrested, but they rarely go full bore when one of theirs is locked up. Funny how that works.