The Worm Of The Big Apple

There’s a say which posits “You get the government you deserve.” Nowhere is that more true than New York City, where millions of leftists sweeped a communist into the mayor’s office.

Now while those particular deserve a disgusting piece of flotsam like Bill de Blasio, the families of terror victims certainly do not.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio forgot to honor the victims of the bike path terror attack during a memorial event held Wednesday.

De Blasio named politicians, first responders and people who marched in the Halloween parade after the attack in his address, but grieving families did not hear him name their loved ones who died one year ago.

Eight people died in the terror attack last year after Sayfullo Saipov plowed a Home Depot rental truck through cyclists and runners on a bike path in New York City.

De Blasio’s only reference to the victims during his memorial speech was a brief mention of the “eight good lives lost’”’

Wow, it’s almost like de Blasio doesn’t give a damn about the people murdered by an Islamist in his town. It’s such a slap in the face of the survivors’ families, and this clown couldn’t care less.

Welcome To Screw York City

Socialist Communist Democratic New York City mayor Bill De Blasio announced a unique and innovative plan to fix the city’s ailing mass transit system: tax the rich!

De Blasio on Sunday unveiled an election-year pitch to raise $800 million a year for mass transit by soaking the rich with a nearly 14 percent tax increase on high-income Big Apple residents.

The proposed city income-tax hike would raise the rate for individuals making more than $500,000 and married couples earning over $1 million from 3.876 percent to 4.41 percent. About $250 million would be used to subsidize half-price MetroCards for about 800,000 New Yorkers living in poverty.

“The top 1 percent can afford to do a bit more — and should, because a transit system that works makes New York City’s economy strong and benefits us all.”

Yes, because straight up socialism has worked so well in, say, Venezuela. Why any wealthy person would continue living in New York City is completely beyond me.

Donde Están Tus Papers?

Remember when New York City mayor Rudy Guiliani cleaned up the cesspool which was Times Square and removed the undesirables from its streets? It only took two subsequent mayors – a Democrat and a Communist – to undo Guiliani’s work.

Foul-mouthed desnudas, grabby Hulks and tourist-terrorizing gangs of Minnie Mice are still brazenly holding the Crossroads of the World hostage even amid a heavy presence of NYPD cops, who act oblivious to their disturbing antics.

Only half of the two-dozen tip-mooching characters stayed behind the lines of Times Square’s “Designated Activity Zones,” the areas created last year as their boundary for posing for photos and asking for tips.

Yet none of those who illegally strayed outside the zones were issued summonses by the half-dozen police patrolling the pedestrian plaza. A law-enforcement source shrugged that the officers’ hands were tied since most of the costumed panhandlers are illegal — and under the de Blasio administration, it’s a no-no to go after them.

The law-enforcement source added that past proposals to license the creatures went nowhere because most of the panhandlers are illegal immigrants and they wouldn’t register anyway. Besides, the administration at City Hall isn’t interested in going after illegals in this capacity.

New York City is Patient Zero of American sanctuary cities, and as long as the DeBlasio regime is in power, the city will continue to swirl the toilet.

DeBlasio Literally Has Officers’ Backs

As New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio eulogized murdered officer Miosotis Familia, the NYPD’s rank and file gave the leftist politician all the respect he deserves.

The disgusted Finest were assembled outside the World Changers Church in The Bronx on Tuesday as part of the overflow crowd of mourners for assassinated Officer Miosotis Familia. They showed the building their backs as speakers broadcast de Blasio’s eulogy for Familia from inside.

The protest came after de Blasio skipped town to participate in protests at the G-20 summit in Germany last week — the day after Familia was killed by cop-hating gunman Alexander Bonds.

And as he prepared for the trip, the mayor missed a swearing-in ceremony for new police recruits, an event that was especially poignant in light of Familia’s murder.

Few politicians have shown greater contempt for police officers than Bill DeBlasio, so I understand the officers’ revulsion. That said, I don’t think I would have done that. For me, it’s more about respect for Officer Familia than it is about sending a message to the despicable DeBlasio.