Happy Birthday, Bill!

Today is my good friend Bill’s birthday. Considering we went to college together, and he was two years ahead of me, that would make Bill… um, 38. Yeah, that’s it.

Bill is one of the smartest people I have ever met. Great with numbers, breezed through his accounting exam, and one of the nicest, genuine people you could ever meet.

Bill is also Godfather to my son Erik, which I believe means he has mob ties, a penchant for lasagna and vino, and bags of cement in his shed.

All that aside, I am honored to have him as my friend. Happy birthday, Bill. I hope your day is above average – which is all we can ask for in these awful lockdown times.

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Today is the birthday of my friend Bill; college buddy, purveyor of goodies to my kids, and godfather to my middle son. It’s impolite to reveal a person’s age, but suffice to say, eh’s older than me. And isn’t that the important thing here?

Bill comes from a great family – his father was a genuine class act, and his mother may be the nicest person I have ever met – volunteers at his church, and rarely has a bad word to say about anyone.

Well, he despises the Pope, but that’s understandable. (Kidding, kidding!)

Here’s hoping he has a great day today, and in lieu of gifts, I have decided to give Bill a visual present.

Mmm… Lynda Carter….

happy birthday, Bill!

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Today is my good friend Bill’s birthday. Bill is my oldest college friend – not in age (well, yes in age) but also since we met. Bill is Erik’s godfather, and Bill’s mom is my surrogate mother.

Actually, she’s the Irish stepmother who feeds me like the Italian stepmother I never had.

It is my sincere hope Bill ignores today’s proceedings and focuses upon having a terrific day. He’ll stress, because he’s Irish-Catholic, but I hope he has a terrific day.

I found out about my biopsy on my mother’s birthday, and today is the biopsy. I gotta find a new family and friends.

Happy birthday, Bill!

Happy Birthday Bill!

Today is my good friend Bill’s 50th birthday.

Bill and I met at Saint Joseph’s University when I joined The Hawk; the university’s newspaper. I was a freshman features writer and he was the business manager. (It’s always good to make friends with the money guy.) After college, I disappointed my parents by joining the police department and Bill thrilled his by working as an accountant with KPMG Peat Marwick – or as I called it, Peat Mosswick.

We remained friends after college after the other members of our clique drifted off to Leftist Island. (A few good friends from SJU unfriended me on Facebook solely because I was a conservative.) Bill was – and is – a staple at all our family celebrations, and is godfather to my son Erik. In short, he is a member of the family.

Bill is arguably the nicest person you would ever want to meet. He never swears, is very active in his church, and he’s a NASCAR fan. What’s not to love? Bill has also sacrificed his personal life in favor of taking care of his elderly mother. I don’t want to sound like his grandmother, but he would make someone a very fine husband.

(Ladies, send me your addresses and an 8×10 glossy. I’ll hook you up!)

We’ll be seeing Bill at Julia’s birthday party on December 3rd, and as always, the family will be excited to see him.

Happy birthday, Bill! Never forget I’m younger than you. 🙂

Oh, a preliminary birthday gift is below the fold…

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Happy Birthday Bill!

Bill and Erik Penance

Today is my friend Bill’s birthday. Bill has been one of my closest friends since college, and is my son Erik’s godfather. Bill is always there for us and the kids, and he is more than a friend; he’s family. I sincerely hope he has a terrific day.

And to that end, what better way to celebrate a birthday than with hot geek chicks?

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

There’s more below the fold…

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Happy Birthday Bill!

Bill and Erik PenanceToday is my friend Bill’s birthday!

Bill is one of my oldest and closest friends. We met at Saint Joseph’s University when I joined the school newspaper. I was a Features writer and he was the Business Czar. No one knew math or finances like Bill, probably because the rest of us were too stupid (me) or two drunk (everyone else) to pay the bills. His business acumen served him well, and he – unlike me – landed a kickass job right out of college. He’s worked for big-name accounting firms, and moved on to big-time banks.

(I’m pretty sure he works for legitimate banks, and not for Italian – *cough* mob *cough* – lenders.)

Bill is my wing-man for our annual NASCAR trips, he is Erik’s godfather, and he treats my children like gold. In short, he is an integral part of our family.

I hope he has a terrific birthday.