Well, Texas Is Off The List

In conservative circles, the running joke seems to be Texas is the freest state in the union. While that may have been true in the good ol’ days, lately Texas has shown itself to be no better than any other semi-red state. Take this story, for example, where armed BLM thugs shut down a major highway while a police officer stood there and did nothing.

If people thought the aggression of Black Lives Matter couldn’t happen in a red state like Texas, they were wrong. A new, viral video shows BLM protesters blocking traffic and brandishing guns in an attempt to intimidate those trying to get through in Plano, TX.

At one point, you can see one of the protesters point a gun at the man who is yelling at them to move out of the road. But it’s what the police do that really has people talking.

They did this while a police officer was on the scene, and this douche cop did nothing.

Instead of trying to clear the street, the officer just stands there and only gets involved to deal with the driver. While it’s obvious he’s trying to keep things from escalating, that’s no excuse to stand idly by when unlawful behavior is clearly happening.

This piece of shite officer should be fired immediately. If you cannot, or will not, do your job, they you’re free to find some other line of work. F**king clown.

In response to this video, I’ve seen several BLM supporters claim that the protesters have a right to be armed. That’s true, but pretending anything in that video is legal shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how open carry (or any carry of a firearm) works. One of the things that a firearms instructor will drill into you is that you can not instigate a confrontation and then finish it with a gun while claiming self-defense. In this case, you can’t block traffic, entrap people, and then threaten them with a firearm.

The officer should have called for backup and immediately cleared the highway. Instead, he sat there and let these thugs shut down a major thoroughfare, emboldening these animals to do this again and again. I’m starting to think there are only a handful of truly free states left.