My Princess Is Better Than Your Princess

Princess P was scheduled for karate belt testing Friday night. She was testing for her blue belt, and the exam lasts a little over an hour. It has been the first event I was present for since her dance recital – I missed both the Christmas and the Spring concerts – thanks to my shift work. I knew Princess P would pass with ease – the girl is like an MMA fighter when she’s training, but I was hoping she would really do her best.

As the testing began, she partnered up with two of her friends. Lily, along with Princess P and Vivian, is one of the PowerPuff Girls; so named by Sensei Dave. Dave always walks past them and says, “Boys are the enemy!” Amanda is a seventh grader who punches like Ivan Drago. When Princess P holds the paddle for Amanda’s strikes, she always gets knocked backwards. Both girls are very nice, but when they step on the mat, they’re intensely focused…

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