No Rules, Just Fright

Australia used to be the most manly country on Planet Earth. They started as a penal colony, evolved into a rugged outback which tested people’s limits, and proved itself as the toughest group of humans anywhere.

Now they go to water over a boob ad.

A photo of an advertisement on the back of a bus urging Australians to splash their JobSeeker payments on a boob job is dividing the internet. The image was posted to Instagram on Friday, and hundreds have commented their outrage.

Gee Australia, when were you guys neutered?

An account by the name of The bell Tower Times posted the photo, with bentooooo_box commenting after someone had questioned if the photo was even real: “It’s real … couldn’t believe my eyes when I was driving behind it this morning.”

Pfft, I would have followed the bus through its entire route.

Cosmetique is the company listed on the advertisement. It has five stores across Western Australia as well as outlets in Victoria and Queensland.

In a statement provided, Cosmetique said the advertisement was designed to be “facetious and memorable” and “to put a smile on people’s faces”.

I can’t speak for the Outbackers, but the ad certainly put a smile on my face.