Supremes Give The President A Win

The Supreme Court has decided the president can transfer funds toward the construction of the border wall. Naturally, the court was divided along party lines.

The Supreme Court allowed President Donald Trump to reprogram $2.5 billion in Pentagon funds to start construction on 100 miles of border wall in a Friday order.

The five conservative justices voted with the government in full. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan indicated their full dissent. Justice Stephen Breyer proposed a compromise in a partial dissent.

Dear NeverTrmp grifters, if you had your way, the Supreme Court would have a lopsided 6-3 liberal slant – 7-2 if you count the squishy John Roberts – and the country would irreparably damaged.

“The government has made a sufficient showing at this stage that the plaintiffs have no cause of action to obtain review,” the Court’s order reads.

The leftist ACLU filed this frivolous case, and are claiming the fight is not over. The president needs the wall started before the Ninth Circuit or some other activist judges issue a restraining order.

Personally, I think the president should go all Andrew Jackson on the courts, build the wall, and say, “Let them enforce it!”

A Billion Reasons To Build A Wall

The Pentagon of all places has found almost $13 billion in unused funds which can be put toward the border wall.

The Department of Defense has released a 20-page spreadsheet of military projects that have more funds than needed, which means adds up to $12.8 billion for President Donald Trump’s border wall.

From The Washington Examiner: The Pentagon’s list said it has found possible funding sources that are “in excess of the amount needed.” But it’s not clear which projects the Defense Department will draw from. Some states that have been allocated big chunks of money that haven’t been spent could see a hit.

California, for example, was identified as having more than $700 million in unused Army and Navy military construction that could be used. Hawaii has more than $400 million that could be used.

More than $200 million in similar funding allocated for Hawaii, Maine, New York, North Carolina, Guam, Germany, Guam, and Guantanamo Bay Cuba are also on the list.

The president asked for $3.6 billion in funds, so this would – in theory – cover the total costs. Now I’m not naive enough to think these funds will be put toward the wall, especially with the leftists and the RINOs fighting the president at every turn, but it’s nice to dream.