Unleash The Puppies!

Ladies, it may finally be time to burn the bra!

There is now scientific evidence that bras may not be as great for our health as we’ve been told. Could the same bras that help lift us up and make clothes look fashionable really be hurting us? These days, women are going braless, and for good reason. The health benefits are convincing enough to make even the most traditional of wearers hang their bras up for good!

Braless Benefit #1: You can actually get perkier breasts by going without a bra! French researchers dedicated to studying the effect of bras on a woman’s breast perkiness have concluded that wearing a bra might actually make breasts sag. Say what?! Turns out this is because the pectoral muscles that would usually fight against gravity are relaxed, and thus, lose tension over time.

And really, who doesn’t want perkier breasts? Kate Upton does, Salma Hayek does, and even Alec Baldwin does! So come on ladies, take the first step to a perkier new you!

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