Ban The Bras, Or Something

It’s that time of year again, where “empowered, stunning and brave” women claim bras are a creation of the patriarchy, made solely to keep females down and their breasts up.

The pandemic allowed people all over the world to prioritize comfort over style and, in turn, enabled many women to do away with the uncomfortable and restricting bras they had come to resent. The push to make widespread bralessness a permanent fixture of modern life is surely meant to to liberate women from a tool used to oppress and objectify them for decades.

While I’m all for those who feel empowered by this change, as a busty woman who feels most comfortable wearing a bra (usually a wireless one, let’s be honest), I couldn’t help but feel excluded and frankly, inadequate to see countless outlets declare that bras should be banished and to watch bralessness trickle into 2021 fashion trends.

Good grief, this is such a pedantic article. Lady, no one cares if you wear a bra or not. Some guys may care if your boobs look great without a bra, but that’s about it. We glance briefly, then go on about our business. This is a problem that needs to be discussed among the womenfolk, and men like Diego, who absolutely needs a Manzier.