Tattoo Spew

A British man decided he fancied a tattoo, but he was having trouble deciding upon what he should choose. So, the man decided to ask his mother for advice, and… well, just read ahead.

IT goes without saying that you probably shouldn’t rush into getting a tattoo – after all, it’s something that’ll be on your body forever. With this in mind, one bloke decided to ask his mum’s advice before committing to his first ever inking…

As he wasn’t certain what he wanted, the bloke’s mum tried to convince him to think about it for a while longer.

I think we just found Diego’s long-lost cousin.

“If you don’t have need for one, don’t get it,” she replied. “Tattoos are for something important.”

But rather than following her advice, the man decided to get these wise words inked on his arm forever.

Wow. I mean, I’ve seen people take things entirely too literally but this dude takes the crumpets. I wonder if Britain imports Florida water?