Yeah Baby!

According to a new survey in the United Kingdom, one fourth of Britons have broken their beds during sex. The only time I did that was years ago when I was a big fatty.

A quarter of randy Brits have broken their bed during an energetic sex session, a survey has revealed. Younger lovers are most likely to claim their pit failed to take the strain during a romp.

What exactly are they doing that would break a bed? Are the literally jumping on top of each other?

Some 44 per cent of Gen Z lovers — the 18 to 24 age group — complained of cracked headboards, popped mattress springs and snapped bed legs.

More than a third of Millennials — those aged 25 to 39 — said they had damaged a bed during a bonk, falling to 20 per cent of 40 to 55-year-olds, known as Generation X.

I mean, are these people morbidly obese, or are they jumping on the bed so often that they snap?

I will say this; I’d wager Kate Middleton is great in bed, while Meghan Markle just sits there.