Michelle Obama Is Faaabulous!

MIchelle Obama Dancing AwfullyCall off the nationwide search; someone found Michelle Obama. The First Lady was located and rescued from her underground bunker, but if the photo on the right is any indication, it appears she is having a stroke.

Michelle Obama brought Broadway and some of its brightest stars to the White House on Monday to host a workshop and celebrate performing arts students from around the country. Gloria Estefan, legendary composer Andrew Llyod Webber, Whoopi Goldberg, and Glee star Matthew Morrison were just some of the big names welcomed to the East Room on Monday.

The first lady told the 40 ‘extraordinary’ high school students that her famous guests were there to help them. The students participated in workshops on acting, directing, singing, costume design, makeup and musical composition.

And Obama made sure to show off some of her famous moves while dancing with Estefan and choreographer Sergio Trujillo to the singer’s hit song Conga.

So at least 129 people were slaughtered in Paris on Friday, a credible bomb scare was investigated in Germany yesterday, Syrian “refugees” are invading America, and this tone-deaf, uncoordinated bint is hosting a Broadway night in the White House? Will someone please hand Nero her fiddle?