It’s A Sausage Fest Out There!

Meet Abigail Brocwell, the Sausage Queen of… Bucyrus, Ohio? Well, in fairness, this pretty young lady is the former Sausage Queen of Bucyrus, after the Bratwurst Festival Gestapo Board forced her to relinquish her crown.

Abigail was forced to give up her crown at a special meeting held by the Bratwurst Festival Board on Monday, August 8.

As a result of the conflicts, the Queen and her immediate Court were ordered to turn their crowns and sashes over to the pageant officials.

Ooo, the politics of Bucyrus, Ohio are exhilarating!

According to sources Brocwell attended the Baltimore Festival held in Baltimore, Ohio, held August 4-6. Brocwell allegedly wanted to attend a goodbye luncheon for outgoing royalty that included someone she had become good friends with.

Oh my God, this girl is a menace to society!

Sources say Brocwell purchased her own luncheon ticket. She wore a gown of her own to the formal luncheon. She did not have access to her crown or her sash as they were not in her possession.

She registered and signed in under her own name, not attaching herself to the Bratwurst Festival or Royalty in any way.

So Abigail did not arrive at the luncheon in her Queen’s attire, paid for her own ticket, and wore her own gown so she could see a sendoff for her friends. For that, the Bratwurst Festival Board stripped her of her crown.

Wow, and I thought the Alliance, Ohio cop was an asshole. That dude looks like Mahatma Ghandi compared to these Bratwurst jagoffs. I’m sorry this happened to you, Abigail, but you are obviously the better person… by far.