Tolerant SJWs Drive Woman To Suicide

Meet Mercedes Grabowski; known colloquially by her stage name, August Ames.

Mercedes was an adult film actress who had the audacity to state her reluctance to work with male actors who dabbled in gay pr0n. That was apparently the wrong opinion, and the social justice warriors destroyed her on social media. The outcome was heartbreaking.

Porn star August Ames committed suicide Tuesday. Ames, whose real name was Mercedes Grabowski, was apparently well-known and well-liked in the, ahem, “industry.” She was young, only 23, and married.

Ames was being bullied heavily online, including several specific suggestions that she kill herself. Ames had tweeted that she had backed out of a sex scene because it wasn’t disclosed that the man she was supposed to have sex with had done gay porn. Apparently, the reticence of women to work with “crossovers” is fairly common and long accepted in porn.

I refused to add the last part of Hemingway’s first paragraph because it was inappropriately snarky and condescending of the victim.

The day Ames killed herself, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments about a case involving a Colorado cake baker who doesn’t want to make cakes for gay weddings. The baker, quite understandably and credibly, insists there’s a rather large expressive and artistic component to his vocation, so he shouldn’t be forced to endorse any particular message or religious ceremony he disagrees with. The counterargument is that it’s just a cake, and as long as you’re open for business, you have to serve anyone without discrimination.

Well, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how Ames’s detractors weren’t extending the exact same logic of “public accommodation” to her. After all, she’s open for business, if you want to call it that. Wouldn’t it be discrimination to exclude working with an entire class of people?

Except that last I checked, there’s a word for when a woman is threatened and bullied into sex with someone she feels uncomfortable with, for any reason whatsoever: “Rape.” Again, it’s worth noting that Ames and other performers believably insist that their aversion is simply about health risks, not discrimination.

Leftists couldn’t care less if their targets end their own lives. In their mind, they see that as a win; one less “hater” in the world. I feel badly for Mercedes, for her husband, and their family. I also hope there is an investigation into the SJWs who bullied her; Aiding or Soliciting Suicide is a felony.