Now This Guy Is Flaming!

An unknown St. Petersburg, Flori-Duh man pulled up the the Uhuru House, pulled out a flamethrower, and burned the Pan-African flag before fleeing the scene. What the hell is going on in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg police are investigating after a person was caught on camera using a flamethrower to torch a Pan-African flag flying on a pole outside the headquarters of a Black international socialist group based in Florida.

You can see the video at the link. It’s wild.

Security video released by the Uhuru Movement showed the driver of a white sedan park outside the group’s St. Petersburg headquarters before they pulled a flamethrower from the car’s trunk.

The person then lights the flame and shoots a tower of fire at the flag flying roughly 30 feet above the ground. The group told the Associated Press the driver stopped when a worker inside the building yelled at him.

Why would this idiot stop after someone yelled at him? The guy is literally carrying a flamethrower; it’s not like anyone is going to get within a hundred feet of him.