True Detective Stories

So, let me tell you about my Friday night.

One of the main avenues in my section of the city was being repaved – at 2pm on a Friday afternoon – so instead of a twenty-five minute trip to work, it took me forty-five minutes. It goes without saying when I walked into the office – late – the temperature was a chilly 82 degrees. Oh well, at least we had five detectives instead of the previous day’s four.

What? A detective called out sick? Awesome!

The night played out as planned: robberies, domestic assaults, gunshots, drugs, dogs and cats living together, when an officer came to my desk with something odd.

The cop had a sheet of paper in his hand, and said, “The supervisor wants me to ask what information you have on this incident.” The paper was a teletype message for a job where a 75-year old man apparently jumped out his window, breaking his arms. The time out for the job was during our shift Thursday night…

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