Are Early Voters Wanting A Do-Over?

Is this something? Apparently there has been a spike in searches for “Can I change my vote” on Google Trends. Hmm, I cannot imagine why.

As politicians pushed the constituents throughout the summer to vote early, and by mail – driving early vote totals to exceed 2016 levels nine days before Election Day, some people are having second thoughts.

According to Google Trends, searches for “can I change my vote” have spiked following the second presidential debate, and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

Unfortunately, I do not believe you can change your vote. However, I did hear people claiming in some states if you vote in person on Election Day, that may cancel out your mail-in ballot. Again, it’s just something I heard.

The last time searches to change votes surged like this was October 30 – November 5, 2016 – followed by midterms, however the recent search trend suggests longer, more sustained interest in the topic.

By state, West Virginia, New Mexico and Idaho are the top three regions interested in changing votes.

Obviously, Google Trends means nothing in the real world. There may be plenty of people searching “Can I change my vote,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean they regret their choice. That said, it is an interesting story, and maybe the Hunter/Joe Biden scandal is really hitting home.