Gretch The Wretch Makes New Friends

Devious, despicable, disgusting Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer stated she is “glad” the Big Ten conference will not be playing football in the fall. Pretty smart move for a state which has two perennial contenders – Michigan and Michigan State – and lives on football

The Great Villianess of Big Ten fans everywhere, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, has officially spoken on the conference canceling fall football and is “glad” at the direction taken by her partner in crime, commissioner Kevin Warren.

“I was glad that the Big Ten took the leadership role that they did,” Whitmer told members of the media on Monday, MLive reports. “Obviously they’ve got huge universities and they’ve got people who are on all of these campuses that are working to try to address the COVID pandemic that we’re all struggling with.”

“Football is a very intimate sport where you are up in one another’s faces,” Whitmer added. “That’s what makes it inherently risky, so that’s my concern. I love football. I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. I don’t like not seeing football this fall, but I’m glad that the Big Ten took the leadership they did and the (Michigan) High School Sports Association did as well.”

Personally, I would like to see all pro, and most college, sports cancelled until 2021, and I’m a college football fan. The shortened seasons of MLB, the NHL, the NBA, etc. have been awful, and the ratings have proven that theory.

That said, Whitmer is an idiot. Sure, she may be glad about Big 10 football going on hiatus, but Michigan football fans – and there are millions of them – are not going to remember this when the twat is up for reelection.