It’s A Little Catnippy In Here

Proving once again, New Jersey is giving Flori-Duh a run for its money, the state’s citizens are now getting high on anti-anxiety pills… for pets.

Continuing our country’s rich tradition of semi-legal highs with embarrassing names and dangerous side effects, New Jersey police say they are now contending with people drinking something called “Catnip Cocktail,” which is sold as an anti-anxiety supplement for pets.

It’s unclear who formulates or distributes Catnip Cocktail, but the manufacturer’s website warns their product is “NOT approved for human consumption.” And with good reason: Alongside other obscure ingredients like “Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract,” Catnip Cocktail contains a substance called 1,4-BD. Once inside the human body, this compound metabolizes into the more familiar GHB, a drug commonly associated with date rape.

Excellent, so we can anxiously await the leftist college chicks claiming they raped themselves, and will now sue the university for not creating a safe space.

Kinda related: We’ve officially turned our back on the Jersey shore, a place we’ve spent summers for decades. This year’s summer vacation will be spent in the Outer Banks.