Cats, Now And Forever

Since I started everyone’s day on a good note, I figured I would end your day on an awful note. Wyatt giveth and Wyatt taketh away.

In China, it is legal to eat cats and dogs. Even so, ordinary people reacted with alarm this week as news broke of a Chinese man caught with 500 cats, crowded into tiny cages, which he intended to sell to restaurants.

The man had used sparrows and caged birds to lure both stray cats and domestic ones in the city of Jiujiang in southern Jiangsu province.

Many of the cats were found in cages in the back of a small truck, some near death and mewing faintly in the heat, while others were recovered in a hut near a highway, cooled only by a ceiling fan. The man usually sold the cats for about 30 yuan ($4.40) each, the report said, citing a local policeman.

Wow, what a catastrophe. I am catatonic after reading this. The man probably thought he was in the catbird seat, but instead he’ll be catapulted into prison.