The Not-So-Purrfect Crime

An Australian cat burglar/Instagram model was arrested again for burglary, after being charged earlier this year for the same crime. Maybe stick to what you know, honey; like showing your cleavage.

An Australian Instagram model with sticky fingers and a penchant for posing as Catwoman has been jailed after being arrested for the second time this year for a series of crimes including masked robberies and shoplifting.

Monique Agostino, 25, was warned by Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge last year that her life was “going down the toilet,” leading Agostino to make a veiled threat that if she harmed herself in the slammer, it would be the jurist’s fault.

The former modeling entrepreneur, real estate agent and social media influencer began her life of crime about two years ago when she drove several teenagers to commit burglaries in Sydney.

The busty blonde — who has posted on Instagram as Catwoman — and the boys wore masks as they used a chisel to break open doors to businesses, including the Pound of Pizza restaurant on Nov. 6, 2018, when they were captured on video.

You see, Monique, to be a successful burglar, it’s imperative to steal items while undetected. If you’re 0-for2 on that count, you should probably consider another profession. I mean, have you really taken the time to think this through?

Maybe the Instagram model is more your thing. You’ll attract more than enough male followers, and no one cares how many criminal convictions a model racks up. (See also: Paris Hilton.)