He’s Gonna Put Y’all Back In Chains

Okay, for some reason, a buff crazy person decided to manufacture a whip made out of a heavy chain. Apparently there is no leather where this man lives, but hey, at least he can put on a terrific spark show.

This topless lunatic made a whip out of large chains and it looks like he stepped out of an anime. Also, it looks like he almost exploded his own head with that first whip. I mean, I’m not a whip expert or anything but I’m pretty sure the whip isn’t supposed to come flying back and create a huge shockwave inches from your face?

But props to him for carrying on and continuing to demonstrate his death machine. If it was me I would’ve given up after the first near-death attempt and taken up knitting instead.

I get the pandemic has made everyone crazy, but this guy is on an entirely different level.

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