Have You Been Injured? Call Me!

Meet South Carolina attorney Pano Michael Dupree. Pano allegedly entered a local bowling alley, confronted his girlfriend, and allegedly started choking her. Luckily someone in the bowling alley had a set of balls.

A Charleston, South Carolina attorney accused of assault and battery was knocked out during the alleged attack on his girlfriend after a mystery woman intervened and socked him in the face.

According to Crime-Online, Charleston attorney Pano Michael Dupree went to an area bowling alley and confronted his girlfriend there on March 19. According to witnesses, Dupree got behind the woman, and attempted to put her in a chokehold while pulling on her hair.

Witnesses then say the mystery woman acted, running up to Dupree and punching his lights out.

I’m no detective, but I assume the heroine will never have to pay for a drink in that bowling alley again.