Old Young Masters

You may remember back in July when I posted about Julia’s entry into a Philadelphia art contest. The program, hosted by the Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia Daily News is called “Art Thief,” and contestants would draw the picture posted in the newspaper for the current week.

Julia spent a lot of time recreating the picture – in this case, a chickadee – and sent it in to the judges. Apparently they thought it was impressive, because she received an email priasing her work.

Julia’s Chickadee was shown at the Art Thief’s Art Show Friday evening.

Naturally, I was working. We tried to suggest Julia dress up for the event, but while she didn’t get into a dress, she didn’t look like a slob. She had a great time at the art show, proudly showed off her work, and at the end of the event ice cream was served.

I’m always proud of my kids, and Princess P didn’t disappoint.

My Little Chickadee

So, the Philadelphia Inquirer/Philadelphia Daily News is sponsoring an art contest – called Art Thief – open to Philadelphia kids. The newest contest showed a small version of a chickadee, and challenged people to reproduce the art work.

At the Daily News, we really love Art Thieves. Not the kind that go into museums and steal priceless paintings! We don’t like them! Our Art Thieves are hard-working kids of all ages who “steal” drawing tips from our professional artist, then share their drawings with our staff and with each other.

Julia tried her hand at the chickadee – click the photo to embiggen – and she received this email.

Dear Julia,

Everything about your chickadee drawing is 100% charming! You have the proportions, the shape of the wing, the shape of the tail, and the feathers just right!

A copy will hang in our end-of summer art show on August 30. An invitation will arrive via email. Thanks for submitting this terrific drawing.

Miss Amy

When I first saw the final work, I honestly thought Princess P traced it. Mrs. Earp immediately debunked that, saying the original work was much smaller. The girl is really talented, and I am so very proud of her.