Supervillain Glues Covid Site Doors

A Canadian white male – ugh, white males are the worst – allegedly glued the doors of a Covid vaccine clinic on Vancouver Island. Oh noes, those vital government “workers” had to go home for the day?

West Shore RCMP said on Sept. 29 staff at a vaccine clinic 2900-block of Jacklin Road in Langford reported that someone glued the door locks while the building was closed, making entry impossible.

The man would have been a hero if he glued the doors of the Vancouver Canucks arena.

Police released images of the suspect, who is described as a Caucasian man in his 50s, five feet eight inches, with a medium build and mustache. He was wearing a beige Tilley hat, glasses, blue plaid shirt and jeans, and black-and-white shoes. He was also wearing a black poncho.

I would describe it as a cape, because all supervillains wear capes. Even the new bisexual Superman.

“While we understand that not everyone shares the same beliefs during this pandemic, this act of mischief is a criminal offence and will be treated as such.”

Yes, we in America are fully aware of the RCMP’s fascism of late. You clowns are just one level away from aping Australia’s stormtroopers.

Fauci Funded Chinese Virologists

Doctor Anthony Fauci funded training Chinese researchers at the Wuhan Institute, and had a hand in the virology research, as well as work on other biological agents.

New Anthony Fauci e-mails obtained by The National Pulse reveal that a lab he funded through his National Institutes of Health agency was training researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s biosafety level four facility.

This sentence alone should be enough to have Fauci arrested and tried for treason. This little gnome has been lying for two years about the Wuhan Institute’s work and the creation of the Wuhan virus. It’s also safe to sat Covid was a manufactured virus, released by China.

Biosafety level four (BSL4) facilities handle agents that can be aerosol-transmitted and/or cause severe to fatal disease in humans. The news follows yesterday’s revelation that Fauci lauded Xi Jinping awards for U.S. researchers.

At the very least, this prick should be fired and lose his medical certifications.

Now, a new e-mail confirms a previous National Pulse report on the relationship between the Chinese Communist Party-run institute and the Galveston National Laboratory (GNL), which describes itself as “constructed under grants awarded by [Fauci’s] National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).”

In brief, the e-mail shows Fauci’s funding of GNL via NIAID was doing directly towards training Chinese BSL4 staff.

So Fauci obviously knew what was going on inside the labs, since he funded them. He also knew the Chinese were working with and/or creating devastating viral and biological diseases under his guidance. Fauci knew Covid was a man-made virus, and he said nothing when it escaped – read, “was released” – by the Chinese.

Nearly 700,000 Americans are dead from Covid-19, and Anthony Fauci is responsible for every one of those deaths.

Well, Mississippi Is Off The List

The Mississippi Department of Health has decided if their citizens contract the Chinese Wuhan Virus and do not shut themselves indoor, they may be sentenced to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The South won’t save you, because they are all aboard the Fascism Train.

As COVID-19 cases rise in Mississippi, the state’s Department of Health on Friday sent out an alert warning those who test positive for COVID-19 to isolate for 10 days or face up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Notice they mention rising cases, not deaths. There are a crapload cases in Mississippi, as there are in most states. Last week the state has 207 deaths. The population of Mississippi is just under 3 million, so the death rate is 0.000069.

Fox News reported that the order issued Friday by State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said that those “infected with COVID-19 must remain in the home or other appropriate residential location for 10 days from onset of illness.”

Dobbs added that people isolating due to a positive COVID-19 test don’t need a negative test to end their quarantine, but they do need to be “fever free for at least 24 hours with improvement of other symptoms.” Further, any students or faculty in K-12 schools who test positive for COVID-19 are not allowed on campus during the isolation period.

Obviously it’s prudent to quarantine after you get the Chinese Wuhan Virus, but what if you need to leave your home for meds, or food, or any other vital supplies? You think the Mississippi Stasi won’t arrest you? Think you won’t have to pay the fine?

It truly amazes me how many Americans gave up their freedom because a group of politicians and a carnival barker named Fauci told them to stay home and wear a mask.

It Seems Sweden Has A Rodent Problem


A Swedish Tantra event is being criticized after a Chinese Wuhan Virus outbreak occurred during the festival. Apparently, the citizens of the world should be shut-in for the rest of their lives.

A SWEDISH sex festival has sparked a Covid outbreak with 100 randy revelers testing positive after the raunchy Tantra event.

Tantra at Ängsbacka 2021 was a week “solely dedicated to couples through transformational workshops, music, dance, conscious sexuality and meetings from the heart”.

If I remember correctly, Sweden did not shut down when the Chinese Wuhan Virus hit, and they did fairly well. They had 1.12 million cases, and only 14,668 deaths.

Cops are probing the X-rated event to see whether organizers put festival-goers at risk of being infected with coronavirus. Police were called by angry residents over fears that the festival was “causing danger to others’ health”.

It’s sad to see a rational country like Sweden turn into a bunch of tattletales. While they didn’t get overrun with Covid, they apparently get overrun with wannabe Nazis.

Fascism Is Alive And Well

The City of Philadelphia is effectively forcing the Chinese Wuhan Virus vaccine on all its employees, and employees need to be vaccinated before September 1st.

Good luck with that, since it takes three weeks to get the second shot.

As of September 1, 2021, all City employees will be required to provide proof that they’ve completed their schedule of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Papers, please! Imagine a city believing they can force a vaccine on its employees, whether they like it or not. A vaccine where we don’t know the side effects, or the long-lasting issues. It’s fascism, straight up.

Employees may provide a copy of their official vaccination card or other appropriate medical documentation – this can be uploaded in OnePhilly through Employee Self-Service or presented to the employee’s HR manager by this date.

How about I tell you I’m vaccinated after I am forced to get the shot, and you nod your head in agreement. The best part is the city will force Draconian measures against you if you do not get the vaccine. For instance, you would have to wear a surgical mask and a cloth mask at all times. You would also be subject to Covid testing any time the city decides it’s your turn.

Oh, and if you’re vaccinated, you still have to wear a mask, because this city is run by morons.

Starting today, in public areas of City buildings, all City employees and members of the public will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. This is consistent with the City’s new mask mandate which states that masks are required to be worn indoors unless proof of vaccination is required for entry.

The proof of vaccination mandate is the most hysterical part of this nonsense. If I walk into a business which demands I show my papers, I fully intend to turn around, walk out, and never come back. This mayor is a POS, but for the time being I have to follow his idiotic mandates. I do not have to kneel before some businessman.

Finally, for those reading who think I’m being foolish for not getting the vaccine, I survived Covid once, and I can survive it again. This is still America – for the time being – and we still have our freedoms. Also, for those who think I should just quit, no chance. I’m staying to the last day, because I’m not giving back one red cent to this godawful city and its corrupt politicians.

Germany’s New World Oder

The Chinese Wuhan Virus has not only killed millions of people, but also decimated businesses and their employees. In Germany, none were hit harder than the angels of mercy working the sex trade.

The number of people registered as sex workers with German authorities declined sharply last year as coronavirus restrictions shut brothels for months, official data showed Thursday.

I’m certain some men suffered a below-the-belt decline as well.

Legislation in 2002 legalized and regulated prostitution in Germany, giving sex workers social benefits, and they are now obliged to register. But brothels have been closed for much of the time since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020 as part of wider lockdowns.

At the end of last year, 24,940 prostitutes were officially registered with authorities, the Federal Statistical Office said. That was down from some 40,400 a year earlier — a 38% drop.

A 38% drop? Holy underwear! We have to protect our phoney baloney jobs here, gentlemen! We must do something about this immediately! Immediately! Immediately! Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

Caption Contest Winners

The Tears For Smears Caption Contest is now over.

Top Five Entries:
5. Still upset Hitler didn’t win. – Okrahead
4. Why couldn’t it have been 600,000 Jews? – Veeshir
3. I used gorilla glue to keep my turban on & now it won’t come off. – Cathy
2. Slowly puts onion in her purse… – Sully

WINNER! – When you squeeze a lemon, don’t be surprised if the juice is as bitter as the fruit. – Mike AKA Proof

Weekend Caption Contest

Tears For Smears Caption Contest
(Source: Reuters)

Caption this photo in the comments section. The winners will be posted on Monday, June 21st.

Original Caption: Rep Ilhan Omar (D-MN) wipes her tears as members of Congress observe a moment of silence for the 600,000 American lives lost to the coronavirus, outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington, June 14, 2021. REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

Covid Killed The Copulating

The destruction wreaked by the Chinese Wuhan Virus did not end with the deaths; it also apparently killed intimacy with young Americans.

As a result of the pandemic and social distancing, 55% of young, single Americans turned to technology to be sexually intimate. As the country begins to reopen, new insights from dating app Plenty of Fish show that while 42% of singles are open to physical intimacy after the pandemic and are eager to meet new people, two-thirds will continue to be just as virtually connected after the pandemic as they were during, relying on video chats (61%), sexting (54%) and phone sex (47%).

Twenty years from now, America will be a barren, childless wasteland which will resemble the current states of Britain, France, and Germany. Considering who their parents will be, that’s probably a good thing.

According to the study, 64% of singles said being virtually intimate during the pandemic changed what they consider intimacy to be. Nearly 6 in 10 (57%) respondents now place higher value on other types of intimacy, like emotional or intellectual intimacy, while 45% find less value in physical connection.

Who in their right minds would be satisfied with “virtual intimacy?” Sending texts to a partner is nothing like being there and exploring each other’s body. I do not understand this generation at all.

The Damned CDC Just Saved Disney

The despicable Walt Disney Corporation is getting a helping hand from Fauci and his jackbooted thugs, just as the company was about to die. The CDC’s decision to allow us peons to stop wearing masks has saved the financially struggling organization. Hooray.

During an earnings call on Thursday, Disney CEO Bob Chapek hinted that there could be a change to the mandatory mask requirement at Disney parks in the near future after the CDC said people could stop wearing masks outdoors in crowds and in most indoor settings.

“Particularly, if anybody’s been in Florida in the middle of summer with a mask on. That could be quite daunting,” Chapek said. “So we think that’s going to make for an even more pleasant experience.”

Chapek said the parks had already started raising the number of people allowed in, as least in Florida, based on relaxed restrictions coming from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ office. He didn’t say how many more people were being allowed in the parks compared to the previous restriction of a little more than a third of a park’s capacity.

It pains me to think how far Disney has fallen. We spent our honeymoon there, and revisited when the missus was pregnant with Kyle. The kids have been there when they were younger and they all had a great time. In the last few years, however, the entire corporation has become mega-woke, which is why I have no desire to give them my money ever again.