Snow Devils

You may have noticed I have been scarce around these parts lately. While that is assuredly a good thing, I am back to regular posting and commenting after an absurdly busy weekend.

On Friday, we took the kids to the New Jersey Devils game in Newark, NJ. I wanted to leave early because rush hour traffic near NYC is uglier than Rebel Wilson.

I got home from work, got changed and out we went… into the snowstorm. Eastern PA and NJ were hit with a snowstorm which lasted until 10pm. Thee totals weren’t huge, but for some reason, people who live in snow corridors never know how to drive in it. The 90-minute trek took us three hours, mostly because humanity needs to die a violent, pus-filled death.

The good news is the arena wasn’t packed, so lines for concessions and potties were short. Thee Devils played a below-average first two periods, prompting Kyle and Erik to tell Mrs. Earp, Kevin and Julia that they’re a jinx. The third period was all Devils, all the time; they scored three goals in a 5-2 win.

Saturday and Sunday’s events are below the fold…

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True Detective Stories

Homer Simpson Drunk And DisorderlyThis week, our captain’s office sent out an email regarding the annual Christmas party. (Yes, police stations hold Christmas parties, and officers rarely fire off their guns in drunken celebrations.)

In my division, the Christmas party is primarily used to honor retiring personnel, or detectives who hit a major milestone. At last years soirĂ©e, I received a plaque for twenty years of service. It’s always a nice event, so I was looking forward to going this year as well.

Then I read the email.

The party is scheduled for Sunday, December 27th. Yes, the Christmas party is scheduled after Christmas. Worse still, it is being held on a Sunday night, from 8pm to midnight. Why is this a problem? Because most of us will have to be in court Monday morning by 8am.

Why the frak would anyone think holding a Christmas party on a Sunday night would be a good idea? There will be officers who have too good a time at this thing, then have to call out drunk sick from court the next day. This is a terrible, terrible idea.

But wait, there’s more!

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