Ho, Ho, Home!

Ladies, and gentlemen, boys and girls, I have officially commenced my Christmas vacation, so go find some other place to hand out for the next fifteen days!

Okay, I’ll obviously still be posting, but I will be doing so without being surrounded by callers, criminals, and my coworkers. I can see it now…

Look at them there, sullyling my chair,
There are jobs to enter, aren’t you aware?
That report needs a number, from someone less dumber,
Say hasta luego to idiot Diego.

Bullets are flying, and people are dying,
Ask how many dead, the mayor starts lying.
We work on our jobs with little fanfare,
Cause people in power really don’t care.

Eh, I’m no Dr. Seuss, but I played one in high school and college.

Ugh, Work Beckons

This is my last day of Christmas vacation. Tomorrow I go back to that awful, stress-filled, mouse-infested building for five day work tours.

The fifteen days off – nine work days plus my regular days off – has been fantastic. I hadn’t been paying attention to the days or the dates, and the only stress was wondering what was for dinner. Now I get to go back, only to be greeted with a bunch of newly promoted detectives – who are likely dopes – and spend my first few days fixing all the messes Diego the Idiot Detective caused.

So, have pity on me this day, because my next vacation will be along in late August.

Six more years; I can handle six more years. Probably.

Home For The Holidays

Yesterday was my last day in work until 2020, and good grief it took forever to get here. Every year I place all my seniority toward Christmas vacation, because Kevin and Princess P are still young enough to be excited about the holiday. With my time on the job, I will never have to work Christmas again.

Kyle arrived from Dallas Thursday night, and with the exception of Christmas Eve/Day festivities, it should be a quiet two weeks. Although we do have tickets to the Devils/Maple Leafs game this coming Friday, and Julia has saved her money for souvenirs.

So I will be home from now until January 6th, and my plans are to go to the gym, come home, play video games, and sleep. Repeat as necessary.

P.S. – I may even drink a beer or two. Yeah, I’m a rebel.