She’s The Freshmaker

A Hellertown, PA woman was arrested for possibly the most insignificant theft in criminal history.

Police said they were called for a robbery a little before 1 p.m. Jan. 7, at the Citgo gas station at 1020 Main St.

The employee reported a woman, later identified as Antoinette Froilan, 19, walked into the store, went behind the counter and grabbed two pack of cigarettes.

When Froilan was confronted by an employee, Froilan pushed the employee away, grabbed four rolls of Mentos and walked out. About a block away from the store, Froilan got into an ambulance to try to get away, but couldn’t operate it.

Hard to believe a genius like this wouldn’t know how to start an ambulance. It truly bogles the mind.

So Froilan is now sitting in prison for stealing two packs of cigarettes and four packs of Mentos. Wow, and people think Floridians are stupid?