You Can’t Spell Nepotism Without “Stop.”

Senator John McCain lost his battle with cancer Saturday. There, I mentioned it. Now, Arizona governor Doug Ducey is looking for McCain’s replacement, and one of the names is disastrously inappropriate.

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey is tasked with appointing a Republican to replace Sen. John McCain, who served in the Senate for 32 years and passed away.

Ducey resisted discussing possible replacements when the senator was alive, even as he underwent treatment for a fatal cancerous brain tumor caused by glioblastoma, and criticized candidates outwardly lobbying for the position.

Some speculate that McCain’s wife, Cindy, may be a possible replacement, although conservatives from the base are pressuring Ducey, who will go up for reelection himself in November, to appoint someone who is loyal to President Donald Trump to fill the vacant seat.

I remember the Founders fighting a bloody, eight-year war against a country which embraced lines of succession. The United States of America is still – barely – a republic, so John and Cindy’s wishes mean nothing to me. The only opinion which matters is that of the people of Arizona, and if this douche canoe Ducey selects this twat, he’ll be a one-term governor.

Pfft, Cindy McCain. Cindy Morgan would make a better senator.