Really Pittsburgh, Can You Do No Better?

Pennsylvania’s Liquor Control Board is one of the most pathetic law enforcement agencies in the country. They spend their nights trolling small towns looking to dish out fines for minor violations. This time, however, the LCB really earned their paycheck.

According to state police, officers with the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement served a search warrant at about 10:15 p.m. Friday at Club Phoenix, 7077 Big Beaver Blvd. in Homewood.

Heh, heh, the strip club is located on Big Beaver Boulevard.

Police said the facility was searched after an undercover officer visited the club and “observed some violations” of the sale of liquor.

The officer radioed in immediately after receiving the information… and after a few shots, some complimentary chicken fingers and a couple of lap dances.

Officers seized 31 gallons of brewed beverages and 10.51 liters of liquor and wine.

Just thirty-one gallons? Pfft, that’s a normal weekend for Cathy or MelP!