The Zappiest Place On Earth

A British couple took their adopted autistic sons to Disney World for a nice, family vacation. Sadly, they saw many members of Mickey Mouse’s family in their hotel room. Wow, talk about access!

A married couple from England claims that when they checked into their Caribbean Beach Resort hotel room at Disney World in Florida, they discovered exposed wiring, dead cockroaches and a used condom on the bed. When they switched rooms, things weren’t much better.

Oh, the condom was mine. I just cannot resist those crazy stupid hot housekeepers. Sorry, my bad.

When they talked to the front desk, they were moved to another room, the Mirror reports. Unfortunately, they say that the second room was just as dirty, along with having live centipedes crawling around the room.

While my Disney fandom has waned over the years – ruining Star Wars, going full woke, etc. – I can honestly say I have never stayed in a dirty room there. Now, the condom and the cockroaches are obviously awful, but centipedes show up everywhere. If there were dozens of them, yeah, freak out; but if it’s one or two, hell, that’s a regular weekday in most homes.

Either way, this is another black mark on the Disney brand; a corporation who has been battling with some bad press already.