The Gift

Those of you who viewed yesterday’s House Oversight Committee show trial – or listened to the lowlights – realized rather quickly Michael Cohen offered no new evidence condemning President Trump. Worse still, he confirmed what everyone has known for two years: there was no collusion with Russia. None of that stopped the donkeys from making jackasses of themselves.

The Democrats revealed themselves as partisan hacks while the president was halfway around the world trying to save the lives of millions. That’s not just bad timing, it’s atrocious. And it has little to do with the success or failure of the talks with Kim. No one knows how that will turn out, probably not even the principals themselves. It has do with the priorities of the human race like global survival — what a normal person should care about.

At first the consensus (at least among the talking heads) was that the hearing would outshine whatever was happening in Hanoi, but as the day wore on with no revelations that were even slightly new (Trump paid Stormy — je suis shockay), no evidence of conspiracy with the Russians whatsoever, just tons of speculation and innuendo we have been hearing since the day Trump came down the escalator, and ended with Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) in some racist rant at Rep. Mark Meadows (we already knew she was an anti-Semite), we realized we were witnessing a bizarre clown show that only a CNN commentator could like.

Roger Simon, the author of this piece, believes the Democrats handed the president a 2020 presidential victory yesterday. Maybe, maybe not. However, this show trial, combined with the “Green New Deal,” their embrace of infanticide, and refusal to address border security may be the impetus to see four more years of President Trump.