They Really Earn Their Sheepskin

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, hold on to your hats; someone finally found a worthwhile reason to go to college!

Economists Scott Cunningham and Todd Kendall conducted an extensive survey of female sex workers in 2009. They asked detailed demographic questions as well as gathered details about the women’s clients, work patterns, and pay.

They estimate that college-educated sex workers are less likely to work than their less-educated counterparts in any given week. But when they do work, they earn about 12% to 13% more. College educated sex-workers see more clients and book longer sessions. They charge slightly less on an hourly basis, but the volume and nature of their services means they end up earning more.

There were more than enough fabulous babes at SJU who could have made tons of money – primarily from me – but these newfangled, millennial libtards couldn’t make enough for a cup of coffee.