Stand And Deliver

From the very beginning, this little five-year old knew right from wrong. Sure, it helped that his father was a police officer and we raised him to be respectful of others, but in the end, his decisions and actions were his own.

As he grew older, he surrounded himself with others who were not only good friends, but good people. He also separated himself from not-so-good people, like the classmates who spent their weekends drinking in the woods. For the most part, The Boy has been a perfect gentleman and a perfect citizen.

A few weeks ago, he was at a party with his college teammates and many girls from one of the school’s athletic teams. (I am painstakingly trying to not give away information on any of the actors here.) There was alcohol involved, and one male at the location – not an athlete, but a student at the college – was continually harassing one of the female athletes. The Boy’s exact words were “getting rapey” with one of his female friends…

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