A Collusion Case We Can All Support

While the leftist media continues to drool over the alleged Trump-Russia collusion nothingburger, another collusion case is being fought between cop-hating, sub-par quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the National Football League.

The case, if some pundits are correct, could spell the beginning of the end of the NFL; a league which is already hemorrhaging fans and viewers.

In a landmark ruling that substantially alters the complexion of the collusion grievance brought by Colin Kaepernick, arbitrator Stephen Burbank has denied the NFL’s request for summary judgment. Burbank’s ruling means that, absent a negotiated settlement between Kaepernick and the NFL, Kaepernick’s grievance will proceed to a trial-like hearing before Burbank later this year. Burbank’s ruling also indicates that all 32 teams remain parties in the grievance. This is a subtle but potentially groundbreaking point since if Burbank finds that 14 or more teams engaged in collusion, the NFLPA could acquire the option of terminating the collective bargaining agreement.

Wow, I think I just had my first real orgasm.

The “genuine issue” is whether Kaepernick has been victimized by collusion, which in this context refers to two or more teams, or the league and at least one team, conspiring to deprive Kaepernick of his collectively bargained right to sign with a team. Kaepernick, who earlier in his career led the 49ers to a division championship and a Super Bowl appearance, contends that teams have conspired to keep him out of the NFL. They have allegedly done so on account of the controversy surrounding his kneeling during the playing of the national anthem.

Kaepernick’s claim is ridiculous. The Denver Broncos offered Kaepernick a contract after he was released by San Francisco, and he declined, claiming the $7 million contract was not enough. Additionally, there are many NFL players who continue to take a knee during the National Anthem, while others raise Black Power fists. These players are still gainfully employed.

A key element of Kaepernick’s argument is that owners are fearful about the capacity and the willingness of President Donald Trump—an ardent critic of Kaepernick and of other players who kneel during the anthem—to damage the league’s business and legal interests.

Oh, I get it; the cops-as-pigs socks, the kneeling, and the Black Power fists are all Donald Trump’s fault. The fact of the matter is the NFL’s wounds have all been self-inflicted, and it is my sincere hope Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case forces the National Football League to bleed out.