Feel-Good Friday

Meet Jordan Reeves of Columbia, Missouri. Jordan’s arm stopped at her elbow, but instead of wallowing in self-pity, this amazing young girl used her disability to make something extraordinary.

Jordan Reeves is just an ordinary 14-year-old girl who has inspired millions of people with her extraordinary “superpower.”

The young inventor from Columbia, Missouri was born with a left arm that stopped developing beyond the elbow. Although some people would look at her under-developed limb as just a disability, Jordan used her condition to launch her superhero alter ego.

Jordan created an interesting prosthetic; something every girl would desire.

When she was 10 years old, Jordan attended a STEM workshop that encouraged kids with disabilities to think creatively about their condition—so with a 3D-printer at her disposal, she designed her own prosthetic arm that could shoot glitter from the tip.

Freakin’ epic!

As In addition to publishing a book about her experiences in 2019, Jordan and her prosthetic were featured on Episode One of Marvel’s Superhero Project—and earlier this week, she was featured on a new LEGO documentary miniseries that interviews young change-makers from across North America.

What an amazing, courageous girl.

But How Were The Bagels?

Two morons in a pickup came to the drive-thru lane of B&B Bagels in Columbia, Missouri. A trailer was hitched to the truck, and when the truck pulled away, it took some parting gifts with them.

B&B Bagel Company posted on Facebook that two young men in a white pickup pulling an enclosed trailer went through the drive thru.

When pulling through, the trailer ripped the awning off of the building.

B&B Bagel Company said the truck sped off quickly.

The good news is the men are halfway toward opening their own B&B Bagels. They have the awning; they just need a building.