The Path Less Traveled

While our trip to Ohio was not entirely enjoyable, at least we didn’t get stuck behind the idiot who guided his tractor trailer onto a bike path.

A confused truck driver in Ohio drove onto a bicycle path and ended up getting his semi wedged underneath a pair of overhead bridges.

The Columbus Division of Police said the bike path north of Spring Street, parallel to Ohio State Route 315, was closed after a truck driver from out of town got confused trying to find a highway on-ramp Thursday.

Whew, we missed him by a day. The problem with Google Maps is people – myself included – rely more on the voice directions than looking at the signs before turning. Plus, if there is a lag in play, you receive the directions a block or two too late. Not that that’s ever happened to me…

Oh, and I’m not sure if there are any Ohio residents reading the blog, but good Vishnu, the continuous construction on your highways – looking at you, Interstate 80 – is infuriating.