Killing Is Their Business

It goes without saying the city of Philadelphia learned nothing from its 500* homicides in 2020, and celebrated 2021 with a bang. In this case, more than sixty bangs in the first thirty-nine days of the year.

Philadelphia homicides in 2021 are already outpacing a violent 2020 that saw a total of 499 by the time the year was done. Seven people lost their lives in shootings Monday, including a 15-year-old boy who was killed in South Philadelphia.

The local lapdog media is going with the erroneous 499 number, when the real number is closer to 505.

As of 11:59 p.m. Monday, the Philadelphia Police Department had reported 62 homicides in Philadelphia in the year 2021. That’s up 55% over the same date in 2021, according to the department’s website. While 2020 became one of Philadelphia’s deadliest years in decades, the city didn’t reach 60 murders until Feb. 28 of last year.

In twenty-six years, I don’t remember a time when he had seven homicides in one day. If that’s not a city record, it has to be pretty damned close. This is what happens when you have a Soros-appointed anarchist DA, a drunken mayor who is looking ahead to a gubernatorial run, and a police commissioner so far out of her league that she cannot hold a press conference without getting the meat sweats.

Speaking of Commissioner Outlaw, she has a great plan to minimize the homicides in the city. Her answer? Social media efforts! Seriously.

Moving forward, Outlaw says the department is doing what it can to bolster its social media efforts with detectives and analysts. The department will also be partnering with community groups and the Office of Violence Prevention to get ahead of domestic violence incidents and reprioritize those incidents internally.

*We eclipsed 500 in 2020, and likely finished the year with 504 or 505.