Leftist Wants To Defund Police… Again

Congresscritter and racist idiot Cori Bush (D- MO) is sponsoring a bill which will defund the police in favor of “community-led first responders.” A few days ago, these same morons claimed Republicans were the ones defunding the police!

Even as crime surges in many cities in America, Democratic Congresswoman Cori Bush (D-MO) plans to introduce legislation that would replace police officers with “community-led first responders.”

I am all for this. Let “the community” respond to the shootings, aggravated assaults, robberies, and rapes, because the “community” has already done a bang-up job of policing their own neighborhoods.

NBC News reported on Monday, “The People’s Response Act would establish a Division on Community Safety within the Department of Health and Human Services that would call upon nonpolice first responders for emergency situations stemming from mental health issues, substance use or other health complications.”

No, that’s not how this works. If you’re going to defund the police, defund all of them. Let your community-led first responders do all the heavy lifting, especially in the most violent areas of Democrat-led cities. Make sure they have a lot of body bags.

“The Squad” member’s bill comes in the wake of violent crime surging in major American cities, including New York City, Philadelphia, Portland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

As if Cori Bush gave a damn. She spends most of her time in Washington, D.C. in a nice neighborhood with a security detail.

The bill vows to “limit people’s encounters with law enforcement by funding community systems led by health officials, to respond to mental health emergencies, rather than police.”

Again, I applaud this measure. I’d love to limit my interactions with the public, as well, especially since most people in this city hate our guts. Let these leftist soy-boys take over, and I’ll sit back and start munching the popcorn.