I Know A Lot About Head Injuries…

So after being bullied by my younger sister – the evil nurse – I trotted off to the hospital to get my melon checked. Being a police detective, I think I know more about my glorious naked body than most doctors and nurses, but I went through the motions.

The E.R. was ridiculous. Arguably twenty people in the waiting room, and all of them with real issues; as opposed to my head bump. So, I waited patiently. It was easy because my head still felt awful and I was having sporadic dizziness. Nothing serious, just bothersome.

The nurse brought me to a room and I told her about the accident, my head and neck pain, and the mild dizziness. They gave my ibuprofen – which worked as well as the Tylenol – spoiler alert: it didn’t – checked my head and neck, and ordered a neck x-ray.

The doc’s first prognosis was a concussion, but they needed to check the x-rays. A half hour after heading to radiology, the x-rays arrived. No Injuries, but some arthritis. Go figure. The doc stuck with his first instinct – the concussion – and ordered at least a day or rest, and no computer. (That’s why I was absent yesterday.) I need to follow-up with my primary doctor next week to make sure there are no lingering injuries.

I’m not sure how I didn’t remember this, but the nurse asked if the striking vehicle’s airbags deployed. Both of the front bags did after the car hit mine. I guess that gives me an idea of how fast the car was going when it hit me. It wasn’t a love tap.

Anyway, they found nothing else in my head – obviously – and I can return to work Friday.