America, Hell Yeah!

An enterprising young wanna-be chef decided to roast his turkey in a very unconventional manner. In this case, he decided to roast it with the fire from his jet-engine truck. Mmm… diesely!

Because this is America and just because is apparently as good a reason as any in these end times we’re living in, this is a video of the 12,000-horsepower, 375+ MPH Flash Fire jet truck trying to roast a turkey dangling behind its engine. It’s definitely able to sear the exterior a bit before blowing the entire turkey down the driveway.

Would it even be possible to cook an entirely edible turkey at 1,650°F, or would the exterior be ashes before the interior was safe to eat? “Well–” I don’t care I’m gonna try it anyways but with lava.

The video of this Fire-flinging Emeril is below the fold…

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