True Detective Stories

Considering his utter and complete idiocy, the above picture of Ralph Wiggum will be Diego’s avatar from here on out. He is quite literally the dumbest person I have ever met.

So yesterday Diego was called downtown by the ADA for one of his court cases. Why anyone would want this dullard to testify in open court is beyond me, but I digress. He left the building at 10:15am – we have to log that – and headed to the Criminal Justice Center. As he walked out, I said, “See ya tomorrow” which I always say when someone leaves the building.

Then I forgot about him, because he is very forgettable, and honestly, the division runs much more smoothly when he’s not around.

At around 1:30pm, Diego called in to the supervisor, saying he just left court. Normally, we’re expected to come back, unless there’s less than an hour in the tour. Dummy called too soon, so the supervisor had to tell him to come back…

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