The Irish Eyes May Not Be Smiling

There is no college football team – or university – I despise more than Notre Dame. (Although Penn State is a close second.) I hate the school, hate the sports teams, and hate the smarmy people who go there. So this article made me just laugh and laugh.

Notre Dame opens its home stadium for a Week 2 matchup against Toledo on Saturday. Both teams are at 1-0 after a thrilling first weekend of college football.

Notre Dame’s overtime victory, 41-38, against Florida State perfectly capped the action all weekend. Now welcoming Toledo to their home turf, and a crowd of over 77,000 in-person attendees, Notre Dame Stadium is tightening its COVID restrictions to welcome back fans in the new season.

Notre Dame can obviously make their own rules, but I’d wager the new rules will keep a decent amount fans at home. Then again, Notre Dame fans are a cult, so who knows?

Some of these restrictions include wearing a mask at, and to, the venue, along with fully contactless payment for all concessions and proof of entry. Notre Dame’s COVID mandates are the opposite of FSU’s guidelines — which required no masking or proof of vaccination on Sunday.

That’s because Florida’s governor knows masks don’t work. Force fans to wear a mask at the game, but forcing people to wear them as they are arriving to the stadium is stupid even for Notre Dame. The next rule is also high-larious.

Notre Dame previously announced that sideline reporters would require mandatory proof of vaccination for the upcoming season, as well.

While more of these reporters are uber-woke, not all of them are. I’m sure there are a handful of reporters who don’t want the vaccine, so we’ll see if they have to balls to decline.

Oh, and for the record, Notre Dame is a Catholic university in name only. In case anyone wanted to inquire why a Catholic like myself would despise the school. Notre Dame stopped being a Catholic school years ago, and many of the faculty and administration are big supporters of abortion.