True Detective Stories

Oh my, where to begin with the idiocy.

So Friday seemed to be Idiot Day, and Diego the Idiot Detective wasn’t even the building. The first idiot was from the 666th District, and he did not disappoint. At all. In fact, the officer gave me the giggles with his dumbassery.

The officer called the division and said he found an unoccupied car which had blood inside the vehicle. The officer was so excited, you would have thought he found Jimmy Hoffa’s corpse. So the cop tells me about the blood inside the vehicle, and I effectively reply, “And?” The cop pauses, so I continued.

“Are there and bullet holes in the vehicle? Are there any shell casings outside the location, or anyone saying there was a shooting?” All three answers were no. The officer said his lieutenant wanted him to let us know, and I said, “Okay, but without any evidence of a crime, there’s not a lot we can do.” The officer finally relented, and because it was my last day before my days off, I threw this one out there. “Maybe it was a female driver and she was having her period.” The cop at least laughed…

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A Death Watch Update

Okay, that title is probably a little too overdramatic, but there is news from the home front. First of all, Mrs. Earp is getting better. The pneumonia is subsiding, and while she’s still sick from the Chinese Wuhan Virus, it looks like the worst is quickly passing.

None of the kids have caught it – thank God – and I am almost completely through the virus. I have zero energy, zero desire to eat – everything tastes terrible – and I’m down almost twenty pounds. I was hovering around 197 right before I caught this man-made disease, and as of yesterday I was sitting at 181.

Since Mrs. Earp is so messed up, I have to do most things – making dinner, laundry, cleaning, disinfecting, etc. – which is fine, but it really runs me down. I went shopping for a few things Saturday, and I was having trouble picking up a 12-pack of soda with one hand. I feel like I did after surgeries: weak and useless. The nurse said I needed to start walking to get my endurance up and yesterday it took me 18 minutes to go a mile. This blows.

Speaking of things which blow, the surgeon has not contacted me since March 8th. I’m thinking about dumping these people and asking my primary to give me a surgeon who will actually do the shoulder surgery. Not that it’ll happen for a while because the city’s protocols mean I cannot go back to work until April 18th.

I’ll probably wait until summer to get the surgery, since I’ve been out so long with the Covid.

Oh, thanks to Gary Moore, who found a link which takes you to the classic editor. I was seriously thinking about dumping the blog, because the new WordPress system is awful. Now I can continue going on.

Jeanie Remar, 1940-2021

My Aunt Jeanie passed away yesterday morning due to complications of Covid. She was 80 years old.

(She’s left-center, white blouse. I’m at the end on the left, two down from my Dad, the redhead.)

Aunt Jeanie was my mother’s older sister, and while she always told me Jeanie was a terror when she was younger, she decided to give her adult life to God. Sister Miriam Jude Remar became a nun and served the Lord for her entire life.

Aunt Jeanie was an old school nun. She would chastise us when we were younger if we said something awful – which was often – and was always good for the Old Wives Tales. Her favorite was, “If you raise your hand to your parent, God would freeze it there for the rest of your life!”

She also had her hilarious side, like when we celebrated my Uncle Ray’s 60th birthday at the horse racing track, and she was betting on the ponies like she was a mob boss.

We hadn’t had the opportunity to see her much lately, mostly because she was transferred to Connecticut. She would always send cards and letters, telling us what was going on. and asking how everyone was faring. I heard she caught the Covid right around the day my cousin’s son committed suicide, and I put it out of my mind, thinking she would get through it.

Sadly, that was not the case.

Aunt Jeanie will be cremated, and they will have a service for her in Connecticut. There will also be a service here for the family whenever these Covid restrictions are gone.

Aunt Jeanie is the third member of my family to pass on since September, and today is the six-month anniversary of mom’s death. I am starting to wonder if the Lord is punishing me and my family. I know Aunt Jeanie is in a better place – she was dealing with dementia, just like Mom – but three relatives in six months is a little much.

Goodbye Aunt Jeanie. We all love you very much.