Well, He Saved The Best For Last

So yesterday was Kevin’s final cross-country race for the season. Since he was a latecomer, he only participated in five races, and he wasn’t even sure if he would get number five.

You see, Kevin’s cross-country team is short on runners. They have nine total competitors, and because Kevin hasn’t run as much, he was asked to come to the race as an alternate.

Kevin wanted to run, but he knew the more experienced runners would have a better chance at doing well in divisionals. He said he would support the team, cheer for them, and hope for the best. Although he wasn’t scheduled to run, he asked if I would come see the race, so I did.

Well, I get there, and Kevin walks up to me and says, “I think I’m running today.” I assume he was kidding, but no, he was actually going to run. The captain (standing, top left) was suffering from an injury, and the boy on the lower right (in the gray hoodie) was also injured.

So, the coach asked Kevin if he could run. Kevin was ecstatic and said, “Yes!”

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