She’s Nacho Girlfriend

crystal-d-hotloszMeet Crystal D. Hotlosz – the “D” stands for Delicious.

Crystal really enjoys sex, so when she met some new friends carrying handcuffs, she thought her prayers were answered. As it stands, Crystal should have made a run for the border.

An Ohio woman caught soliciting sex had an odd request, Beaver Township police say.

Wait a minute, an alleged prostitute works out of Beaver Township? That’s awesome!

Officers said they found Crystal D. Hotlosz, 36, of Clairsville, advertising her services on the Youngstown She told the undercover cop she would provide a sex act for $60 and nachos.

Well, what else would you expect from a woman whose last name rhymes with “hot sauce?”

Hotlosz met the undercover officer in the parking lot of Los Gallos Mexican Restaurant on Nov. 14. She was arrested, and charged for solicitation.

Hotlosz was then transferred to the Free Clinic for treatment of a cheesy jalapeno-laced discharge.