Men At Work

Well, it’s been six days since my cyst extraction, and while I still have another week before the (blue) stitches can be removed, I am attempting to return to work this evening.

Why, you ask? Well, partially because I don’t want to take two weeks’ worth of sick time, and partially because I am going stir crazy at home. The doctor said I can’t bend over for a few days, I can’t walk or jog, I can’t sleep on my right side, etc., etc. In short, all I can do is sit down at the TV, computer, or by a window like Grandpa Simpson.

Now while that may seem like a dream to many of you, my personality – certifiably crazy and hopped up on Mountain Dew – will not allow me to do that. I’ve been trying to do things around the house, and after fifteen minutes I get dizzy. I go outside to trim bushes or pick things up and the headaches start. I figure if I go to work and sit at my desk, I’ll be following doctor’s orders. More or less.

So I’m giving it the old college try, and if – or when – I start feeling awful, you’ll all know you were right and I was wrong.

Besides, Julia accidentally sneezed into my stitches Friday night, so work can’t be much more unsanitary.

Sliced And Diced

By the time you read this, I may be bleeding.

Last week was my annual visit to the dermatologist. I have needed regular checkups after contracting skin cancer a few years ago, which resulted in Mohs surgery on my forehead. (Twelve stitches for the win!)

During this year’s appointment, the doctor asked about the cyst on the side of my head. It had been steady at 12mm, but I was going to ask for an extraction this year. The doc checked the size, and apparently it grew from 12mm to 15mm. He agreed it should be removed, and today is the day.

While he cannot predict anything, the doctor did mention the cyst will be sent for a biopsy, just in case. I’m not particularly worried, and I couldn’t care less about another scar, but I’d like to get through the extraction with a minimum of pain and stress. Maybe they’ll let me take the cyst home?

Wish me luck…

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