A Soros D.A. Doing Soros Things

For those of you lucky enough to not live in Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Inquirer is a leftist fish-wrap which spends its day attacking conservatives while covering for incompetent Democrat politicians. Recently Soros-installed District Attorney Larry Krasner addressed the corrupt City Council about the skyrocketing violent crime rate.

Krasner lied about the statistics, and get this, the Inquirer covered for him.

On Oct. 13th, District Attorney Larry Krasner showed up at City Council to address a Special Committee on Gun Violence Prevention. With the city heading toward all-time highs in shootings and murders, Krasner was in a pickle because the police department had just laid out some devastating stats that showed what a horrible job Krasner was doing at prosecuting gun crimes. To make matters worse, those stats came directly from the D.A.’s own “Open Data Dashboard.”

The stats showed that the conviction rate in the D.A.’s office for prosecuting gun crimes had fallen from a high of 73% in 2015, when Seth Williams was D.A., all the way down to 35% so far this year under D.A. Krasner.

Meanwhile, the number of gun crime cases that were either withdrawn or dismissed by the D.A.’s office was headed the other way, going from 17% in 2015, when Seth Williams was D.A., all the way up to 61% this year under D.A. Krasner.

As of yesterday, the city earned its 454th homicide. On Wednesday, we had one shooting and multiple shooting incidents where someone fired a gun. I entered thirty-seven jobs, most of them were violent crimes. Every day I walk into the division is a day I want to quit. My division is extremely short-handed, the shootings are way up, and we cannot effectively work cases because the cops are bringing us bullshit – fraud reports, retail thefts, etc. – which clogs the system.

The department is never going back to the way it was, and most of the upper-echelon want us to quit, because that frees up more money for this awful city. Philadelphia is dead, murdered by corrupt Democrat politicians and a citizenry which doesn’t care.

Soros DA Covers Up Wall Of Remembrance

Larry Krasner – the Soros bought-and-paid-for Philadelphia District Attorney – has covered up the DA’s Office Wall of Remembrance, which memorializes police officers killed in the line of duty.

In a move that’s sure to offend every cop in the city, District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office has covered up a “Wall of Remembrance” that features a couple dozen plaques honoring hero cops who died in the line of duty.

The Wall of Remembrance is located on the mezzanine level inside the Ray Harley Conference Room at the D.A.’s office at 3 S. Penn Square.

I’ve been to the conference room a few times, and the wall is beautiful and sobering. Not that you can see it anymore, because this particular district attorney is a cop-hating piece of garbage.

“A f**king disgrace,” said one cop. “Here’s what Krasner thinks of cops who have died in the line of duty,” texted another cop who sent along the photo at left. In the photo, the wall is covered with a backdrop that bears the repeated images of the DAO logo of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

We already knew that Larry Krasner hates cops. When he was a defense lawyer, he sued the police department 75 times. At his victory party, the crowd chanted “F**k the FOP.”

Disrespectful actions such as these are why I decided to retire. And it’s not just me; there are over 700 officers in the DROP Program. The department has an average of 20-30 officers leaving the job every month. Combine that with the mayor’s promised hiring freeze until 2023, and pretty soon this 5,500 person police department will soon be a 4.000 police department.

You think 500 homicides are bad? Imagine what the number will be in a year or two.

DA Holds Presser On Philly Shooting

Larry Krasner, the Soros-appointed Philadelphia District attorney, held a press conference yesterday regarding the six police officers shot and the felonious thug who shot them. During the post, I’ll use my News Translator to sift through all the b.s. you’re about to read.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner held a news conference Monday morning to discuss charges against the man accused of shooting six Philadelphia police officers as well as four additional people in relation to the incident.

Translation: Krasner is open about his disdain for police, but the mayor forced him into the press conference. The mayor despises the police as well, but Jim Kenney would like to be reelected.

Krasner began his address by saying he would be offering limited information, “much more limited than we had hoped to present today.”

Translation: Krasner would rather not let the police department enjoy some rare good press, so the defendant’s really dirty details will be omitted.

He said the investigation was so enormous and still ongoing, that he could not risk stepping on the activity of the Philadelphia Police Department in this case.

Translation: This is a lie, since Krasner and his assistant district attorneys step on our investigations on a daily basis. For example prosecution was declined on my supermarket robbery, which had an arrest and very clear video of the incident. Squashed.

“This will take time,” said Krasner. “It could take months to complete the investigation, but it will be done correctly.”

Translation: By the time the investigation is concluded, everyone would have forgotten about it, and we can pretend it never happened.

Maurice Hill, 36 faces the following charges:

Multiple counts of Murder-Attempt to Commit, multiple counts of Aggravated of Assault, multiple counts of Assault of Law Enforcement Officer, multiple counts of Simple Assault, multiple counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person, multiple counts of Unlawful Restraint, Criminal Conspiracy, Possessing Instruments of Crime, Possession of Firearm with Altered Manufacture’s Number, Violation of Uniform Firearms Act-Former Convict, Causing-Risking a Catastrophe, Control Substance Act-Manufacture/Delivery/Possession with Intent to Deliver, and Control Substance Act- Knowingly/Intentionally Possession of Control Substance.

Translation: This looks good, but Krasner will have at least half these charges dropped before they get out of the preliminary court appearance.

Nothing will change in the District Attorney’s Office. Sadly, incidents like this one will become more frequent, because when the politicians tell people they don’t have to obey the law, people listen.

Welcome To Drugadelphia

Meet Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney. Kenney has the distinction of being the worst mayor in America. A rabid leftist, Kenney is responsible for the highest homicide rate in nearly twenty-five years.

Not content to own a murder rate which rivals that of Chicago, Kenney now wants to open “safe injection sites” for the city’s thousands of heroin addicts. What could possibly go wrong?

The opioid epidemic has ravaged Philadelphia, and many in the city feel that drastic measures are necessary to stem a scourge of overdoses, including a radical plan to provide a safe space where people can use illegal drugs while under supervision.

The Justice Department sued the nonprofit Safehouse in February, arguing that opening the facility in Philadelphia — the first supervised consumption facility in the United States — would violate federal law. Likening the idea to a crack house, federal officials say allowing the use of illicit drugs with impunity enables and exacerbates the intractable opioid problem; the United States attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania argued that opening Safehouse would violate the Controlled Substances Act, which makes it illegal to open or run a place where illegal drugs are knowingly used.

Safehouse and its backers are now arguing in a court filing and in interviews that innovative local action is the only thing that will help solve Philadelphia’s opioid crisis, one of the worst in the country, and that ensuring users don’t fatally overdose is an immediate public need.

Yeah sorry, but my give-a-shit meter is completely empty. These junkies are responsible for robberies, thefts, assaults, and other equally heinous crimes – mostly while high – and we’re supposed to ALLOW them to shoot up on our dime? Yeah, no.

Oh, here’s the best part. The “mayor,” a man who declared Philly a sanctuary city when he was sworn in, is considering ordering the police to ignore the junkies going in and out of the injection sites. So, if said junkie had fifty packets of heroin on him, we won’t be able to arrest him. Worse still, if the same junkie comes out of the site, and say, starts threatening people, “the mayor” doesn’t want him arrested.

The site is slated to be placed in the Kensington section of the city; ground zero for heroin. It’s miles and miles away from Kenney’s home, of course, so he doesn’t case, but there are still some good people in that neighborhood, and now their neighborhood will resemble a scene from The Walking Dead.

I hate this city so much. I despise it. I wish it would burn to the ground.

P.S. – I’m taking Saturday off so I can recover from sleep deprivation. I’ll have a Sunday Services post up.

Philly D.A. Gives Cop Killers A Plea Deal

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner – a man gleefully supported by Black Lives Matter – has offered the men who murdered Officer Robert Wilson a plea deal, against the family’s wishes.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has told the family of fallen Philadelphia Police Officer Robert Wilson that they will not pursue the death penalty in the case of his murder.

“It’s a smack in the face, it’s disrespectful and it’s ignorant, point blank,” said Shaki’ra Wilson-Burroughs, sister of slain Officer Robert Wilson III.

Wilson-Burroughs says the District Attorney’s Chief of Homicide, Anthony Voci, called at 3:58 p.m. Friday to inform the family of a plea deal. She says the brothers, Carlton Hipps and Ramone Williams, were offered life sentences plus 50 to 100 years in prison if they plead guilty and give up their appeal rights.

Krasner’s office is rationalizing the decision by claiming they are getting murderers off the streets, but the truth is the DA has treated Wilson’s family like garbage.

Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby explained that the family feels disrespected by the news.

“Bottom line, the Wilson family feels disrespected. They feel closed out, they feel that they were shunned. And these two people that killed him will be able to walk through the halls of a state prison for years to come,” said Fraternal Order of Police President John McNesby.

It’s a pathetic move by a pathetic leftist politician. Back in the day, when I would earn a thousand hits a day, this story would have received some traction. As it stands, few people care about Philadelphia – don’t blame them – or the leftist, cop-hating district attorney who favors murderers over victims.