RINO Sticks Up For Senator Sinema

Before we begin, I just want to announce I an not a fan of Representative Dan Crenshaw. He seemed like a pretty good legislator at first, but when he started claiming the 2020 election was on the up and up, I tossed him into the Romney/McCain RINO trash bin. Crenshaw knows real conservatives are on to his act, so he decided to pretend he cares about his fellow congresscritters on the other side of the aisle.

On Tuesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) slammed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after Crenshaw took note of the tweet from the leftist website Jezebel in which they cheered the idea of bullying Democrat senator Krysten Sinema, who has been pilloried by the Left for not going along with other Democrat senators voting for the monstrously expensive $3.5 trillion social spending bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Over the weekend, far-left activists followed Sinema into a bathroom, yelled at her, and recorded her while she went into a stall, threatening her that if she did not pass President Biden’s agenda, they would get her removed from office.

It’s a shame Sinema didn’t knock out this illegal immigrant twat and leave her bleeding on the bathroom floor. For the record, I respect Sinema because she is actually fighting for the people of Arizona. I disagree with her about almost every position, but the girl has huevos, as they say.

Jezebel tweeted, “Absolutely Bully Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall.”

Crenshaw fired, “Hey @jack just wondering if you’re going to enforce this bullying rule? Or does it not count when the victim isn’t liberal enough?”

First, I’m pretty sure Sinema can handle herself. Second, no one cares about your white knight act, Crenshaw. You had your chance to be a conservative, and you failed miserably. You could swing a dead cat and hit ten people better than this RINO clown.

SNL Hack Mocks Afghanistan War Vet

Pete Davidson, an unfunny cast member of “Saturday Night Live” – is that show still on the air? – mocked a Texas congressional candidate for his eye patch; after he lost an eye fighting in Afghanistan.

“This guy is kind of cool — Dan Crenshaw,” began Davidson during a “Weekend Update” segment.

A photo of Crenshaw, who wears an eyepatch, flashed on the screen, eliciting laughter from Davidson, his fellow cast members and the SNL audience. “You may be surprised to hear he’s a congressional candidate for Texas and not a hit-man in a porno movie,” continued Davidson.

Oh please, tell me again how the Democrats are the party of compassion.

Crenshaw’s eyepatch covers an injury he sustained from an IED blast in Afghanistan in 2012.

“One of our Afghan interpreters stepped on a pressure plate right in front of me. About 15 pounds of explosives dismembered him right in front of my face. It blinded me, shattered me and knocked me over,” he said in March.

“I woke up about five days later. They took some time to stabilize me in Afghanistan and do the surgery to remove my right eye. I woke up without a right eye and blind in the left.”

Leftism is a mental disorder. These disgusting cowards denigrate the troops on a daily basis, and no one ever calls them on it. Are these the people we want in power? Still think this is an election we can skip?